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tv   [untitled]    May 10, 2013 3:30pm-4:01pm PDT

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to develop a system of this size. it's a way to change the things in the district and give us access to data we have not been able to have before >> how many teachers or schools are involved in the project? >> hi. so we actually have 15 master teachers and they work across 12 schools and we reach about 60 teachers in total because each master teacher works between 3
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and 4 other teachers at the site. we have 5 teachers involved in the lessons site. and we in total the program reaches about one-hundred and 20 educators. >> at what grade level usually? >> pre k, 12. >> any more questions? >> not a question i'd like to comment on school loop i really enjoy it it helps me track my grades and today, i found something that made my grade go higher. i know that a lot of other
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fellow students who communicate would their grades through school loop and also for the teachers who post our homework on till some students don't write it down. i really like school loop. >> okay. thank you everybody it can thank you for your service and your report. we really appreciate it and we will now move on. the next temazepam l and before i call the various items i want to say that per our labor department we will first have the hearing and adoption of the district and u f f a agreement followed by the revised
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agreement. i'm now calling the u s f f and can i get a motion please. may i have a reading >> thank you i'd like to ask executive director tom to please read. >> thank you superintendent this asks the board and the united union to adopt the agreement and the united disclosure agreements.
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>> okay. i have no public comment on this item. are there any comments from the board? >> (calling names). >> thank you the next item the revisions instructional calendar, you know, in my agenda it is really is 2013 or 2014 and the telling him, 13 is the correct year. >> i know why i apologize. may i hear a motion please?
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>> so moved. >> thank you may i villaraigosa a reading. >> yes. thank you sprrnt. this requested item is based on our collective bargaining agreement with the united educators of san francisco there's a parity clause win the agreement that states that the amount of fur low days needs to be the same within the units and with the previous adoption this enables the board to now be a full day and half of that furlough day will be restored to our teachers >> i'm sorry can we -
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>> so the requested action is that the board adopt the revised unstructural calendar and the board has the sole authority to do you want this. >> i have one speaker for this susan solomon. >> good evening. on behalf of the u s f members i urge a no vote on this resolution. the background says that the union in relation to furlough days we don't see the way parity is described in this resolution. we've been open about this in our discussions about it.
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please keep in mind that administrators are being restored for a whole day and teachers for a half of day. while it is true the unit folks took a whole day only u s f gave the district over $23 million over the next. is unaudited actually shows $11 million more than when feels projected inform this year. this calls for a revised calendar this wasn't bargained and the unstructural collapsed was supposed to be calendar. we've filed a grievance.
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so i ask for june 3rd which is now going to be scheduled as professional development day which will be a fur low day. it's a perfect opportunity to do some professional development it would be perhaps professional development on non-inclusive packages. it still is over a month away we have time to plan. we believe there should be no furlough days this year. please vote no and instead restraining order restore you'll of the furlough days. thank you. >> thank you any questions from the board or superintendents. seeing none please call roll.
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>> (calling roll). six i's. all right. next item. i'm going to announce it for the listening public it's items 2, 3 and 4 are available for the review at the desk. we are now on item won a resolution of the board of
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education inching general obligation refunding bond noted to exposed $80 million. may i hear a motion please and second >> may i have a reading of the provision. >> good evening superintendent and commissioners. first, i'd like to introduce our financial advisor. so if you have some really big questions tonight she's here today. i'll go do the recommendations or do you want - >> yeah, just read the first
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for item one. >> the first item which is the $80 million refinance refund. that recommendations is that the brshgsz adopt a resolution of the board of education the san francisco school district 30 years the school district city and county of san francisco 2012 general obligation refunding amounts not to exceed $80 million to refinance certain outstanding general bonds of the district authorizing the cliefr of an official statement and official notice of sale approving the bid and execution
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and delivery of a bond purchase agreement and escrow agreement proitd for the approval of official statement and execution of documents recommended to next there with. >> thank you any comments or questions there are no speakers signed up for this. seeing none? roll call >> (calling names). >> all right. item 2 may i hear a motion on the resolution of the san francisco unified school district authorizes the
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school district city and county of san francisco general obligation bond proposition organization election 2011 not exceed $5 million. may i hear the reading of the recommendation >> yes one year ago we did series a for $205 million. the recommendation that the board of education adopt a resolution inform the board of education of the san francisco school district authorizing the school district city and county san francisco, california. general obligation bonds proposition a election of 2011 on a ago integrate principle
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amount not to exceed $5 million to do the improvement furnishing and equipment of certain school district of a april official statements and official statement and notice of sale in an official bid form and authorizing the execution and delivery of a bond purchase agreement and an to a reasonable degree of certainty disclosure agreement providing for such bond in execution of documents related through to in certain action in connection there with >> there are no public speakers signed up inform this. any comment from the board? seeing none take roll
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>> (calling roll). >> thank you all right. we're now may i hear a motion and a second on item 3 a resolution of the board of education of the school district city and county san francisco, california 2013 tax and revenue anticipation note not to exceed $100 million. >> second. >> the recommendation of the school district adopt a resolution of the board of education 30 years the issuance of one or more than series city and county of san francisco, california 2013 tax and revenue
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anticipation notes in an aggregate principle note not to exceed one hundred million dollars authorizing the delivery of a april official statement official statement and official notice of sale approving the continuing disclosure certificate and other demonstrates related through to and other documents mr. there with. i have no public speakers signed up for this. you want to tell them >> we have flashbacks from a movie. >> seeing no comments from the
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board can i have a role call. >> (calling roll). >> thank you very much. thank you for coming i'm sorry we didn't have any questions for you but we're glad over here. we're going to move on to other issues there's none tonight. and we have a resolution number 1 thai 9 was already moved and seconded on april 9th. conspires as departed so will you give us a report from the grounds committee >> yes and a can i have reading
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of the recommendation? >> i'd like to call steve. >> he's above my pie grade. >> somehow, i heard that was a comment last night 5 or 6 times. this particular item. >> he the hundreds of millions of dollars is a fair amount of money so if you went there was an item on the consent calendar the last time to authorize the construction contract for the new running track at the ruth school of arts at the campus and
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that resolution was removed for further discussion because one or more commissioners had questions. so the recommendation which received a positive recommendation unanimously at the committee last time was that the board of education approve a contract between the unified school district and spig final documents on behalf of the district from the sports fund. and then it goes think to say we can't enter into a lottery bird and they award the contract as $844,000. there are no public speaker
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signed up are there any comments from the board. seeing none i believe we can call a role call ms. lee >> (calling roll). >> thank you. all right. item o vote on the content calendar that was put under section f. roll call please, ms. lee. >> (calling roll) and a yes
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vice president - collapsed p there are no discussion tonight and item r board members there are none tonight. item s board members report standing knee cap so commissioner can you give us a report from the rules policy. >> sure we had one item that was a legislative overview we heard about the current situation with the budget and there's actually this came out more recently there's more brighter for the state and hopefully we will have more information go. we also went through a number of bills that we discussion for
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support opposed and watched i believe we took a support position on four bills and continue to watch a couple dozen. so more next month when the revised budget cites. >> okay 420. >> yeah. a b-420 which deals with lemonss and guidelines how that could be uses as suspense shuns and it's very much in line with the practices so we're very excited to do. >> thank you for that report. vice president can you give us a report on the other
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informational items? i'm relying on memory so, please those in attendance please chime in. we've heard about the action item and another informational item is the presentation by the mayors officials and various other district properties for development and those properties i believe included the back parking lot here. it included and 42 avenue. >> okay commissioner can you give us a report on the augmented report and the first annual report on student
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assignment and i really encourage the lineing public the viewing public if you're interested take a look at this report that has detailed data. we increased enrollment. there was some things that were created to have racial diversity. we had a 96 and 2014 skull role process. applications came in later for almost all demographic groups and it had to do with less staff and outreach so we're hoping
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with additional outreach we can address that issue. and finally, there's a major change in enrollment policy there will be a different structure in the classrooms. so we will continue to discuss the constitute assignment report at our next meeting which is scheduled for let's see - may 6th - no, this is for student assignment. we didn't schedule it but we're going to meet in may and a june it will be posted to our website. may 6th will be the next program committee it will start at the
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7:00 p.m. >> okay. any other reports by board members. >> i just wanted to announce that the budget in the surface committee we've had sort of coordination problems because of other committee meters and we think it's not going to be that you've until the meeting revision is realized by the governor. so tentatively we've scheduled the next meeting in may but there does seem to be another time to meet and before that meeting tentatively that's when
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the meeting will be we anticipate we'll have a real discussion about the budget so we encourage everyone to come. any other comments? >> yes. i have 3 announcements the may 1st there's a meeting at betsy carr mistake school and their dpoont the money so folk please go to the silicon website for more information. secondly, the public works has a number of jobs for young people. that's really targeted for youth
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and young adults. in particular they have a program that's between the 16 and 21 ages. i encourage people to going to the jobs and internship website for www dot s f p w dot s r t. and for families looking forward to the summer the rec and parks are having their scheduled. it's very important for people to know that children would live in housing authority property can go for fro as children don't have to my to participate for those programs i encourage those first names to take advantage of
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this opportunity. i just - the superintendent has one announcement i want to say i had gotten to go with a activity i think they had speak hundred and 40 children rode bikes to school today. superintendent >> thank you president i can't help we have some late breaking good news to share. as you know many of our schools were not funded for 21st century funds we were just notified that 18 of our 22 schools that
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applied for century were, in fact, fund and this is four and a half million dollars over 4 years and there some of the schools that have the free and reduced lunch rates. i really want to this thing all the staff we saw the rating scales that came out we aced it. we had so many perfect scores this is a huge after school for our community that need it the most. >> item t the closed actions the board approved by a vote of one assistant principle and two principles